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Relax ! Your first one is on us

From our website by using the bellow Uploader you can send us maximum 2GB files. You can now easily send your files over without any hassle.
You just make all your files zip format and send it over to us by attaching the zip file.
Please provide your mail address and details….

WeTransfer Method


CP Workers Intl FTP Upload

When a large number of files are to be uploaded, FTP server is the ultimate choice. When the client applies for FTP account information, CP Workers Intl will e-mail the FTP User Name, Password and other related information. This information is personalized, highly confidential and will be shared by the client and the CP Workers Intl staff only. Thereafter, the FileZilla is downloaded for Windows user, or FetchSoftworks when MAC is used, and then the FTP address, password, and username are entered that are provided in the email. For further information
contact CP Workers Intl at allclippingbd@gmail.com