Upload Download Options

Options to send/upload and receive/download your files

There are several different options available for you to send and receive files.

1. Our web based upload-download

Our website has got two different apps, through which you can upload and download your files. You get immediate access to it once you are logged in. Using these options, you can upload-download multiple files, as large files as you need, its easy to use and there is no need for you to think of any third party solution.

2. Our FTP facility

Although, our web based uploader is very powerful and easy-to-use, you may wish to use FTP to upload and download your files. This is also possible, learn more about our FTP system and how to get your login details.

3. Your own FTP system

We also welcome you to use your own FTP system to send and receive images. Just upload the images to your server and let us know the login details, we will collect the files from there and return you once finished.

4. Other third party options

Dropbox, Hightail, SendThisFile etc.

You can also use these third party options to send your files to us. However we will return you the finished images through our server, which you can download using the first two options above.

5. Hard drive, CD or DVD

If you really have lots of files, and you think its an extra burden to send them through internet, you can copy them to a hard drive, CD or DVD and send it to our production office by post. Please contact us to discuss about this option and get the postal address.

Please note that we don’t recommend this option unless you have sufficient time in hand to complete the project, because in most cases post takes longer than sending through Internet.

If you want to use any other option than the above ones, you might be able to do so, please contact us to discuss about it.