FTP Upload Download

Upload-download files using FTP

Although, our web based upload-download facility is powerful and easy-to-use, some people prefer to use FTP for uploading and downloading large files.

Getting your FTP login details

Send a request for your personalised FTP account. One of our customer support representative will get back to you with login credentials shortly.

Please note: before you send the request, make sure you already have an account into our website.

How to use FTP?

You need an FTP client software such as FileZilla to use our FTP facility. There are quite a few FTP client software available on the Internet and most of them are free.

Few popular FTP clients

Need help using FTP? Check out our FileZilla FTP tutorial. If you need help using any other FTP software, please see their documentation or use Google to find a good tutorial.

If you need any other help please do not hesitate to contact us.