About Us

This is the first step towards success. When you outsource your image editing needs, clipping paths and your Photoshop retouching, you are preparing yourself for quality images. You can concentrate on your business; we’ll take care of your graphic needs. Your team of design specialists is ready…

CP Worker is an image processing company founded by entrepreneur Firoj Sha. As the CEO of this outsource offshore solutions company for graphic needs, he understands the demands of the professional graphic world.
When he was a graphic design student, Firoj teamed up with, and learned, from other business people in his field of study. He discovered that professionals like photographers and catalogue companies usually need large amounts of affordable graphic design and image manipulation. The idea excited him and Firoj started to create his outsource-it graphic design companies.

“I wanted professionals to feel like they have their own photo editing studio,” he comments, “where they can send any amount of images, any day of the year from any corner in the world. They must feel confident with us.” CP Worker was born with you, the customer, in mind:

Getting Started

Send us an email

Send us an email (or use this web form if you prefer), with an overview of your needs. If possible give us an indication of the volume of images you expect to process and the time frame of your project.


We’ll review your requirements and get back to you with pricing guidelines. If you sent samples we’ll also process 1 or more of these for you so you can judge the quality of our work and confirm the delivery format..


Upload your first job and we’ll get to work. We’ll normally deliver via the FTP account we provided, unless you prefer another method.