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remove background from image

Clipping Path / Cut Out Background / Transparent Background

Removal of background from photos, images and pictures is a fast and inexpensive job. We remove the background of images, pictures & photographs. Object Removing is a technique where you can remove undesirable elements in an image. It is clearly understood that any removal of an object, element or people from an image which is either considered unwanted or surplus anyway.Paglu Graphics is a professional graphics design and image editing outsourcing company that provide the quality object, removing service, removal or replacement of unwanted objects, persons or details in your any photos. We have the best imagination that your image or photo may have continued with some unwanted objects that you want to eradicate.

Background removal service is one of the very useful services to the changing global trends. Our commitment to quality has enabled our international clients to have long standing relations with our company.


Image Recolor

Change color from Product Photography / Re-Color clothes / Image recolor

Re-coloring services is a complex retouching area like recreation of photo areas, faces, skins, objects, products etc. Along with color and perspective correction. Color Correction is very useful for dull, damaged, poor, old photographs by removing or changing unwanted/defective areas. So color enhancement, color balancing is a major part of a great looking of a photograph.

We offer this service mainly for Modeling Company, Advertising Company, Publishing Company, Printing and Jewelry Industries and all other categories types of shop image


Model Retouching / Product Retouching / High-End Jewelry Retouching

Photo Retouching is an excellent technique that helps you to touch specific and undesirable factor into your image. You can easily adjust any object or element and even a human figure or all forms of surplus elements neatly using the Photoshop pen tool with Clipping Path service as the term clearly dictates its function. Overall progress has done, but Photo Retouching is the final step to enhancing the image or image frame greater than normal one.

Photoshop Retouching Service entails a few mini amenities too. To process pictures with high end retouching, it is best to discern how we work. The amenities include clipping path, image shading or stitching, victimization, editing and enhancement. We cater to professional photographers; ad agencies, print media and web developers who need this specialized service on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact that professional shutterbugs cannot capture all the required elements in a snap. Hence they adopt the fair practice of retouching or manipulation.


Image Re-sizing / Photo Cropping / Positioning

Image Cropping is one of the functional tools to present an image with an aesthetic view. Cropping implies to the deletion of the external parts of an image to improve framing, highlight subject matter or alter aspect ratio (size or dimension of picture). Crop image allows you to remove those parts of the image you don’t find useful. Also, Crop image allows you to make copy fragments of your photos. In addition it has a distinguished feature to fix the resolution problem. The impressive fact of Image Crop is that it reduces the image size or resize without scaling or distorting the image.

Adobe Photoshop is the handiest tool to crop image, resize image or straighten image. It’s so common that Photoshop comes up with a tool designed particularly for cropping photos, popularly named the Crop Tool. Image cutting, resizing or straightening is optimally done with the crop tool. Transform Tool, Move Tool and other image editing tools in Photoshop are also very handy in slicing image, fixing the desired size, resize and straightening photos.Image rotation is also performed with the aid of image cropping or resizing in Photoshop.


Color Correction Product Photography / Color Correction / Photoshop Correction

Color Corrections is an extension to the use of clipping path. Multiple clipping path or color path / color correction is used for those images that require isolation of parts and change the color around individual components. It is also done to split some parts of the image for further image editing / manipulation in Photoshop or do swatches match.We offer this service mainly for Modeling Company, Advertising Company, Publishing Company, Printing and Jewelry Industries and all other categories types of shop image



Drop Shadow / Shadow Creation Service / Natural Shadow / Product Photo Reflection

We use drop shadow under the image that could be in right or left side possibly depend on the image dimension. And dimension is very important fact for drop shadow. Once drop-shading service is applied to the image and then the image and the design look more fabulous. Our outstanding Image Shadowing encompasses natural shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow. Image shadowing imparts a dimension to flat images that fashion them alive, vibrant and intact. In the pitch of web media, advertisement media, online marketing, product photography and promotion and any other visual presentation – image shadowing as image editing is deemed the nuts and bolts.

A good quality drop shadow is characterized with a smooth texture and the ability of the visual to look authentic. Since this effect needs to be raised above the background, it is imperative that the background has the right canvas- hence, the need to change the setting to suit the feature.


Multi-Clipping Path / Color Mask/ Color Path / Multiple Clipping Path Photoshop

Multiple Clipping Path or Color Path is an extension to the use of clipping path. Multiple Clipping Path is the process of using clipping path / silo / silhouetting to change the color of an individual or parts of an image / photo, make color correction or add an extra color effect.Multi Clipping Path is used for those images that require isolation of parts. It is done to separate some parts of the image to later change it in Photoshop.,

We are reliable and skilled clipping path service provider from Bangladesh that provide image background removal services with perfection. Do not take the pressures of editing or clipping images all by yourself.



Reshape Product Photo / Shaping Products / Image Shaping

Reshaping means editing the shape of a photo object. We usually make a shape more even and/or symmetrical. Through post-editing, we can create the perfect shape as it was intended in the design of the object. Reshaping a photo digitally, with Photoshop techniques such as paths, liquefying, cloning, warping, etc., allows you to photograph an object in a less than perfect shape. During a shoot it is often impossible to model an object perfectly, or it takes a lot of time.

Reshaping offers the solution; it saves time and money, and offers better results. Subsequent corrections are also common. This means that incorrectly or unevenly photographed objects don’t have to be reshot. Shaping is done for all possible product groups, industries and sectors. Most common editing for apparel: evening the length of sleeves and/or pant legs, evening the height of shoulders or hips, the smoothing out of the fit. For packaging (food, supermarket): placing objects upright, straightening, evening out, etc.


Photoshop Layer Masking / Alpha-Channel Masking / Hair Making

Image Masking or Soft Masking, in a nutshell, is an answer to the impossibility of Clipping Path or Simple Masking technique to remove background of an image/photograph.

Channel masking is commonly applied for translucent or semi-transparent images like glasses, hairs, fur, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, fireworks, lighting, chiffon & muslin, etc. Apart from Adobe Photoshop other software like Illustrator, GIMP, Corel Photo-Paint, Fireworks, CorelDraw etc. can be used. But Photoshop is the most popular of all




Image Manipulation is the technique to edit an image in order to create illusion or deception in photographs. There are many types of image manipulation services in image processing field. For instance you have a very old black and white photograph and you want to make the photograph colorized. And it is possible using Photoshop software. We are committed to provide best photo manipulating service which you have never seen yet.

Photo manipulation is the function of photo editing techniques in photographs in order to create a fantasy or deception. Image control is a greatly prominent component inside our portfolio of picture medication administrations and is a particular zone of visual computerization which includes taking one part of an image and mixing it into an alternate. Photo manipulation helps to enhance and improve the quality of an ordinary photo to an extraordinary photo

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It is the responsibility of Paglu Graphics team that whatever service you demand we provide you its extreme level of quality. Paglu Graphics is a team of internally devoted and highly professional photo editors who take the complete responsibility of providing you the services in the best possible form.