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Image Processing Service

  • Clipping Path / Silo
  • Multiple Clipping Path / Color Path
  • Channel Masking / Soft Mask In Photoshop
  • Layer Masking
  • Photoshop Transparent Masking
  • Image Shadow (Drop/Reflection)
  • Retouching / Restoration
  • Glamour Enhancement
  • Photoshop Object Removing
  • Neck Joint Service
  • Moderate Clipping Path
  • Extreme Clipping Path
  • Clipping Path With Flatness

Graphic Design / Prepress

  • News Paper/Magazine Add Design
  • News Paper/Magazine Page Makeup
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Catalogue/Brochure Design

Who Are Our Prospective Clients

  • Photographers
  • Prepress Company
  • Catalogue Publisher
  • Printing Company
  • Add Agenesis
  • Product Photography Studio
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Website Designers
  • Image Editing Co.
  • Retailers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Magazine Publisher

Paglu Graphics - Your Offshore Provider & Genuine Outsourcing Partner of clipping path (drop out background) service, to any other photo treatment services including photoshop masking, retouching, drop shadow and vector conversion and Other related services!

Paglu Graphics is an outstanding group of extremely-accomplished and completely skilled specialized Graphic-Designers and they are very familiar to Clipping Path and Image Masking as well who have vastly exceptional material knowledge and capability into these sectors of many years. Through all these aggravated and devoted expert individuals GEI proposes the most excellent service via Online-Based outsource exact into your place of work all around the globe and we give 24/7/365 elite customer-support in Canada, Germany, France, UK & Europe at a very sensible cost.

Paglu Graphics is randomly dedicated to supply through the most excellent services into Clipping Path, Clipping Mask and Image Masking. The Finest Equipment to hit the background to cut off the image or photos for extra utilizes into all of your flexible apply and desires.

Are you searching for an outsource company which can supply all of your Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Image Masking, Image Manipulation, Photo Enhancement, Photo Editing, Image Shading, Image Stitching, Raster to Vector Image and so on at reasonably priced with short time delivery?

If the answer is yes, then Paglu Graphics are your perfect solution. It isn’t a matter that what image management services you want- small or large quantity and financial plan you have, Paglu Graphics will carefully handle all of tasks, and that can formulate your life trouble-free!

Why a client choose Paglu Graphics?

  • No need to pay us first, Pay us when your project is finished
  • Low price guarantee
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick/Fast turnaround
  • Quote supplies in more less than an hour
  • Triple checkered quality management system
  • 24 hours online chat and email support
  • All sort s of image action service accessible
  • Flexible and trouble-free ordering method, allowing download and upload files
  • Vast amount of photo or image processing capability each day
  • Work schedule of team is 24/7- 365 days

Our Area of Specialty

Paglu Graphics is address into the Canada & UK through their manufacture site and located in Bangladesh that permits us to make use of a team with very skilled Paglu Graphics at a lowest cost than others. Taking that greatest benefit of small labor charge area, we are talented to give much lowest fees than our related field challengers though still preserving the high quality service and work.

Our area of expertise initiates from clipping path service, to some other image management services like image masking, photo retouching, vector conversion and drop shadow.

We also provide other services such as resizing, cropping and re-arranging.

Clipping Path Samples

cp_1 cp_2 cp_3 cp_4 cp_5 cp_6 cp_7 cp_8 cp_9


Paglu Graphics cost for the service of clipping path starts only at $0.29 USD. The fundamental pricing is here for the service of clipping path through diverse difficulty level example.

Key Note:please don’t communicate depend on this charge because it’s only a rough thought and you might get better cost than this rough idea. We give all quotes within an hour, as a result we advise you to fill up our request for a quote before you make a decision charging by yourself.

Paglu Graphics quote all additional services on analysis the photos. Visit more about pricing.

What is the turnaround period of yours?

Well, turnaround moment totally depends on top of the quantity of image and the difficulty stage. Though, we deliver our task within 1 to 24 hours. So you easily can imagine to get handed up to 500 to 600 photos (medium difficulty) into 24 hours. As an example, if you send 50 photos, you have to wait for them 6 to 12 hours to get back. But if its only 5, 10 or 20 image, we can deliver it into an hour.

Our Payment Accept Method

Paglu Graphics allow payment through PayPal. You easily can pay us through PayPal, MasterCard. Our another payment mathod will be coming soon.

Any Questions? Have a chat with us on skype: mimosir or send an email. We will be more than happy to help u!